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Annika's LJ

In this journal, I babble endlessly about Super Dollfie and other Asian BJDs. Dolls who will be continuously referred to are:

Residents of the Manor

Ivory: A true creature of the night (literally if nothing else - she never goes out in daylight if it can be helped), Ivory moves through her Gothic Victorian world cloaked in a shroud of icy elegance that is rarely matched. Of common blood but refusing to deny her innately aristocratic nature, she has chosen instead to withdraw completely from proper society, immersing herself in a world of decadent sin rarely matched today. The Manor is hers, and the rest are allowed to stay on her terms. Why she tolerates them is unclear, but it is a big house, and most likely mutual protection has something to do with it.

James: The quintessential young aristocrat; lazy, arrogant, decadent and, of course, stereotypically handsome. At the same time, though, James is a bit of a lost soul. He never had the delicate touch necessary to operate in the uppermost levels of society, to the point where his father really had no choice but to disown him, or watch the family go to pot. He lives on what his younger brother sends him now (which, in all fairness, is rather a lot) and spends most of his time flitting around London doing not very much. He has recently been spending an unusual amount of time hanging around Ivory, who, amazingly, does not seem to mind too much.

Kei: A thief for hire. Cold, ruthless and lethal, though not entirely unfeeling, Kei is an strange character. After spending almost three decades entirely isolated from human relationships, he has assembled an odd little family around him, comprising Katai, Mehki and Kian. After doing a service for Ivory, he and his troop descended on her home and made the second floor of it their base.

Katai: A Kyoto street kid. Happy, playful, utterly promiscuous. Irritating at times, but warm and affectionate, he is a curious ally for Kei. They have an odd arrangement, consisting mainly of exchanging barbs and sexual favours.

Mehki: A sixteenth-century whore whose body has been curiously frozen in our time. (Click here for Mehki's story.) Seductive, independent, aristocratic. Mehki has no real function, but hangs around when he has nothing better to do, which is most of the time.

Link: Real name Kian. Link is a species of black imp, the last of his kind. He's several hundred years old, at the very least. He's supposed to be a pet, but pretty much everyone has forgotten about that at this point. He never speaks, but will communicate whatever he has to say directly to the mind. He also has a tendency to make things spontaneously combust.

Harlow: A smart-mouthed urchin with remarkable insight into the nature of those around him, especially given his tender 17 years. He tries to use this to help people, but often fails to see the bigger picture and ends up making things worse. Going through his angsty phase at the moment.

Elsie: An eternal child, both in mind and body. Elsie was six years old when a warlock's staff smashed to pieces on her skull. She does not live in the 'real' world, but in the fantastical world of every six year old girl, filled with magic and wonder. She hardly ever sees this world, and when she does, it is veiled in her magical world. She has never spoken or acknowledged anyone here.

Gone but not forgotten:

Scar: So called because he will tell us no other name, Scar remains a mystery. He is an old spirit, primal and savage, but he has a calm, warm nature, understanding and perceptive in a way that a full-blooded human could never be.

Clockwise from the top:
Mehki, Kei, Link, Katai.